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Pro Wireless provides customers with cell phone repairs, iPhones, accessories, and everything related to cellphone in Raleigh, Cary, and Triangle.

Whether you are running errands, traveling, or just simply staying at home, your cell phone is always close by your side and it is an integral part of your daily life. At Pro Wireless, we know how your daily routine can be affected if you experience a problem with your cell phone device. Our primary goal is to provide you with the highest quality parts and the most cost effective way to repair your mobile devices. Our repair services are timely, efficient, and professional.

Why Repair?

Retain Personal Information

1A common question that customers ask is if they will lose any of their personal information after the repair. The simple answer is no. Although we highly recommend that you backup everything before the repair, we guarantee that you won’t lose them.

Cost Effective

2We offer reasonable and competitive pricing on our repairs and services. We only use original manufacturer parts for our repairs so they are certified high-quality parts but yet cost effective. We are certain that you won’t find this great deal anywhere else.

Time Efficient

3We understand that time is valuable, that’s why our technicians will do their best to get your phone back in a timely manner. While most repairs can be done within an hour or two, the more extensive repairs like water damage can take up to a week.


4The repair process is really simple! Just drop off your phone and let our technicians do all the work while you browse our large selection of vibrant phone cases, protectors, pouches, accessories, etc.


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