Repair price and turn-around time varies according to models and repair types.

- To find out your iPad model, go to > Settings > General > About > Model.

Repair prices are subject to change due to current inventory shortage. We are dedicated to give you the lowest price. Call us for an immediate quote.

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Common Repair Issues

Pro Wireless are capable of all kinds of repairs. These are the most common issues. Don't see your problem? Call us and describe the issue or bring your device in to the physical locations. We provide you with a free diagnostic.

Screen Damage

Cracked screen, lines on screen, dots on screen, unresponsive screen, and dark screen can be repaired by screen replacement.

Charging Port / Battery

Loose charging port, phone not turning on, battery dropping fast can be repaired by charging port or battery replacement.

Water Damage

Water usually damages screen, charging port, battery and motherboard on the phone. We also do water damage repairs.